“Your personal brand is what others say about you when you leave the room”
Jeff Bezos 

JL Sports Investment - Sports Consultants

JL Sports Investment Ltd. is a London-based boutique consulting and management firm in the sports and media industry. The company is led by its founder Dr.Jur. Jochen Lösch, an experienced and renowned entrepreneur, with a particularly strong international background and network.




We offer access and expert advice if you wish to acquire or sell stakes in sports entities. We provide financial analysis, due diligence and legal support.
We identify what’s behind the numbers to explore the practical implications of your proposed deal. 


We advise sports entities, broadcasters, digital companies and investors on opportunities and projects in the sports industry.
We help sports federations, leagues and clubs enter new markets, acquire new customers and increase revenues.

Sports Media Rights  

We help you with the acquisition of media rights to sport events. We commercialise the media rights of your sport event globally and on all platforms. We offer bespoke solutions for different formats of different properties in different markets, and connect you with the right partners to enhance your profile and global viewership.